Esport – a sector also affected by the pandemic


During the current crisis, one might imagine that the Esport sector would be unaffected.  In theory yes, with many of us locked down at home and some of us furloughed with a lot of free time on our hands there is more than ample opportunity to spend more time on this activity.  However, is this sector really untouched by the virus?  Esports Bar Cannes 2021, an event not to be missed?

Nicolas Besombes, sociologist and vice-president of the France Esports association gives his opinion

He says, there is no doubt, the Esport sector is equally affected by the pandemic.  For a number of years now, Esport has united a great number of players with major competitions.  Many of these have been cancelled or postponed and as a consequence many events surrounding Esport have suffered.  According to Nicolas Besombes, many self-employed and free-lancers working in the Esport industry have been impacted by the crisis.

Esports Bar Cannes 2021, an essential date in the calendar

Esport Bar Cannes 2021 is the international networking event, bringing together Esport professionals and their commercial partners with the aim of improving global relations between traditional investors and international Esport companies.  The exhibition will take place from the 16th to 18th February 2021.

This year the exhibition will be more relevant than ever encouraging discussions over the current crisis and promoting future links.

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