BUTTON DESIGN involved in Ecology initiatives

Button is aware of the importance of caring for our planet and is taking steps to help preserve it :

  • We buy recycled paper for printing;
  • We only print if necessary and we try to print in black and white;
  • We buy recyclable ink;
  • Any spare used paper is sent to a local School rather than throwing it away;
  • Our used coffee capsules are put in a recyclable bag and returned to Nespresso;
  • Our warehouse storage facility is located 9kms from the Palais des Festivals in order to reduce our carbon emissions.
  • We use an artificial Christmas tree;

Our team recently decided to be greener!

o We use glasses and mugs instead of single use cups & goblets

o We recycle all our packaging

A responsible company promotes local employment and is open to dialogue…Button aims to work with French companies and many of them are located locally

How can Button contribute more to green actions?

Leave your ideas in the comments field or in private message on Instagram/Facebook

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